Who We Are

RestorationCity (RC) is a residential therapeutic, non-sectarian, Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, founded in 1975 by Director David Kirschke. RC is located in Hungerford, Texas 35 miles southwest of the Houston Metropolitan Area.

RC has been for over three decades the only program of its type to provide treatment for whole families, single parents with children, and single adult males and females.

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The primary goal of training is to teach each student principles of life–a unique lifestyle and way of dealing with the daily realities, problems and circumstances of life, using the living Word of God as the foundation and ultimate authority. It uses a registered therapeutic approach, called “Belief Therapy,” now recognized by the State of Texas.

RC provides education and training for leadership in the home, church, and vocational employment. It provides a place where those with dysfunctional lifestyles and life-controlling problems, such as drug and alcohol addiction and relational conflicts, can be re-educated and trained in basic life and family skills.

This “habilitation” occurs in a “family environment” where the methods of Belief Therapy are combined with Godly re-parenting to restore individuals and fragmented families through proper bonding of new relationships. The structured environment of a Christian therapeutic community offers the best context in which people can resolve their problems and start a New Life by providing a practical platform for success!