COVID-19 Statement

While the world is contending with the COVID-19 virus, RestorationCity continues to disciple and train the families and individuals, whom the Lord has sent here. While we must exercise care with certain precautions like “social-distancing,” the reality is that there are scores of individuals daily battling addictions, who need our help now more than ever.  RestorationCity will continue to be right here with all those we serve, whatever the circumstances. Should you have further questions, please  call toll free 979-532-5613 or email For the safety of staff and students in our care during this critical time, RC has implemented new safety protocols recommended by health officials and governmental authorities, including infection-control education, making our chapels private, reducing off-site activities to only those that are essential, and thorough screening of new admissions, visitors, etc.

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a residential therapeutic, non-sectarian, Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, founded in 1975 by Director David Kirschke. RestorationCity (RC) is located in Hungerford, Texas 35 miles southwest of the Houston Metropolitan Area.

RC has been for over three decades the only program of its type to provide treatment for whole families, unwed mothers, single parents with children, and single adult males and females.

RC provides education and training for leadership in the home, church, and vocational employment. It provides a place where those with dysfunctional lifestyles and life-controlling problems, such as drug and alcohol addiction and relational conflicts, can be re-educated and trained in basic life and family skills.

"After years of running after empty promises, I tried to take my life but Jesus had other plans! I came to RestorationCity where I made Him Lord and learned that God’s promises are for me.”
RC Resident
"I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Abuse and depression was the outcome. Because RC takes whole families, I was able to come with my husband and teenage son. God has healed my heart and shown me unfailing love."
RC Graduate

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