Admission Requirements


Before an applicant can be inducted, we must receive the following:

1. A completed application

2. A recent picture of the applicant

3. A $50 non-refundable processing fee 

4. Psychiatric records and any other treatment reports including drug treatment program information. (Send the signed and witnessed “Consent for Release of Information” form to appropriate agency/agencies and they will forward records to us. 

5. Principle Sponsorship ($500/mo). Scholarship funds may be available if individual qualifies. Proof of financial status and need for financial assistance is required.  Children under 12 are $135 per month. Children 12-17 years of age are $185 per month. The first month’s fees are due upon admission to the program.

6. Secondary Sponsorship- Only for those who are in need of additional sponsorship or have multiple sponsors.

***Evaluation must be done BEFORE the physical examination – Induction Secretary will advise as to when it is time for the physical. If you need to expedite evaluation process, send ALL requirements (except for results of physical) TOGETHER at the same time.***


BEFORE an interview can be scheduled, the applicant must have:

1. A physical examination – The RC examination form must be completed by a physician. All tests must be completed and the result documented and sent back to us under separate cover as soon as received (may be sent to us from physician’s office). Exam and testing should be done no more than 17 days prior to entering the program. Please use RC’s medical form to ensure the needed tests are included in your physical.

2. Up to date immunization records for incoming children.

3. All outstanding debts paid or other arrangements made; ALL urgent medical and dental treatment complete 

AFTER we have received the physical results and they are satisfactory, we will schedule an interview

Bring to the interview:

1. First month’s Room and Board

2. Return fare or round trip ticket

3. $75.00 for Self-Confrontation book and Basic Life Principles Seminar

4. Any money for “Personal Account” (for toiletries, snacks, etc)

5. Ten day supply of clothing (and no more), pillow, twin bedding, towels, and toiletries.

6. For children: Immunization records, birth certificates and social security cards

Eligibility for entrance into the program will be determined AFTER the interview. Failure to comply with any entrance requirement will result in disqualification and refusal to consider application.